Considering a Renovation or Building an Addition? Here’s Where to Start.

“Have you been house-hunting in Lunenburg (and/or surrounding areas) but haven’t quite found your dream home? Maybe your family has grown and you need more space, but can’t find anything on the market that suits your needs in the area. Or maybe you are considering relocating to the South Shore and have a family home in the area, but would need to make some serious changes to it before you’d consider living in it.”

Over the past number of years we have experienced increasing numbers of hopes that homeowners can continue living in their homes, because they love the area. Many of these clients are young, growing families, and others are recently retired couples coming back to the area to take over an old family home. We understand why you want to stay on the South Shore — we also love this area! 

Maybe your decision to renovate is based on one or more of these three factors:

  1. You’ve been house hunting in the area for something that will fit your needs, but haven’t found a home that you love or that matches your requirements.

  2. The price of homes has continued to rise and it doesn’t make sense financially to buy.

  3. Your family is growing and you want to stay where you are, but need more functional space from your home.

If you’re in one of these situations, it’s time to give us a call! 

Assessing Your Needs 

The first step is for us to meet you and your family, and see how you are living in your space. Then we can come up with solutions that allow you to stay there and fully enjoy the home again. The most common room addition needs are an additional bathroom and or bedroom, but adding a family room or mudroom are common as well. 


Planning Within Your Budget

Once we get a feel for the home, your family and your needs, we then look at how we can incorporate these rooms into their existing space, or whether we might need to consider building an addition. Much of this decision comes down to your budget, but you can be assured that we’ll advise on your best option to stay on track financially, while still creating your dream home.

Growing Family Builds a Small Addition with Big Impact

A few years ago now we worked with a family living in the heritage district of Lunenburg who had grown from a family of two to four. They had house-hunted for well over a year but hadn’t  found anything that they loved. We developed a set of plans for building a small addition and by adding less than 200 sq.ft. we were able to give them a dining space, second bathroom and a small mudroom. This allowed them to re-purpose their dining room and enjoy the space as a new family room.

Retirees Update a Older Family Home

We recently worked with a couple retiring to the South Shore, to update an old family home where they have enjoyed their summers for many years. This design included re-purposing an unused pantry space and by knocking out a wall, we enlarged the kitchen to be more functional. We also modified the second floor to create a small shed dormer and re-purposed a storage room, which created space for a much-needed bathroom on the second floor as well as a walk-in closet for the master bedroom.

Young Family Expands Space to Accommodate House Guests

Another young, growing family in Lunenburg had been struggling with staying in a home they have grown to love. They are both from out-of-town and have  lots of family that enjoy coming to visit and stay with them. They needed a space for guests, but were also looking for a family room separate from a more formal living room area. We met with them, took a look at the home and came up with a plan to renovate their walk-out basement to include a family room with a small bathroom that can now double as a guest suite.

lunenburg addition bath-crop-u269188.jpg

We continue to see demand for renovations and home additions studies show that over the past 5 years, home remodeling has surged by about 30%.

and we have a feeling this trend is going to continue to grow in and around Lunenburg. We truly enjoy helping families repurpose a home that they have grown to love, and to use their space more efficiently!

Interested in discussing your renovation needs with our contractor and in-house designer? Click here.